How many photos will we receive in a wedding day shooting?

It depends on the ceremony and party duration. The number of guests will also be a major part of your wedding photos. You may expect 40-45 photos per hours. It depends.

Do you edit the photos?

Absolutely. All photos will be edited before sending to client for downloading. Special request on editing will be available upon request.

When will we receive our photos?

For Wedding Day, the turnaround time will be 7-14 days.

For Engagement / Family Shooting, preliminary preview will be available within 7 days after shooting. Completion on final editing will be within 30days after shooting.

For Headshot, preliminary preview will be available within 3 days after shooting. Completion of final editing will be available within 14 days after shooting.

Will you come to my office / work location / school for professional headshot?

Yes. I preferred to come to your location to create a more personalized image according to your career.

Visiting your location with GTA is free of charge.

Do we need a second photographer?

I would recommend to have two photographers for wedding day photography, especially for medium and large size of ceremony. Two photographers can cover more angles, while one photographer will follow the couple, and the second photographer will be able to capture other treasure moment of the day.

Do you print photos and albums?

Yes. Print is always the best format to appreciate photos. We will only use professional grade colour lab for large format prints and album productions.