I am Angus Au, a Portrait Photographer.

It is my passion to tell people's stories through my lenses

My goal is to create photographs that not only capture moments but also reveal the essence and individuality of each person. I believe that everyone's story deserves to be heard, seen, and celebrated.

Through my lenses, I strive to honor and preserve the precious narratives that make each person extraordinary.


About me

Having lived in the vibrant metropolises of Hong Kong, New York, and Toronto, I have been immersed in the exciting energy of these cities, which has profoundly shaped my photography.

Through my lens, I strive to reflect the essence of urban life, capturing the dynamic rhythms and the captivating stories of the people.


About Frames

At FRAMES Photography, we understand that every person, couple, or family has a story worth telling.

We take the time to truly understand their journey, personality, and experiences, ensuring that their story is authentically reflected in the photographs we create.


About my Pics

Just like with my photography, I enjoy the simpler things and beautiful moment in life.

PASSION, LOVE and CONNECTION are the foundations of my photography.